Visiting Cali, Colombia for the first time

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Cristo Rey in Cali, Colombia

I never felt at home more than I have in Medellin, Colombia.  Even when I first arrived I kind of felt like I was home.  I had to visit the city of Cali, Colombia because I kept hearing rants and raves about it.  Everyone told me that it’s a bit like Medellin only warmer and with “nicer people”.

Nicer people are my friend’s way of saying that the women in Cali are sexier than those in Medellin.  Ladies, forgive me that I cannot report the sexiness of the male species to you.  I promise I will make it up to you.

The city of Cali, Colombia is nothing like the city of Medellin.  When I first arrived I said to myself this is it?  One of the things I was really disappointed about was the activities to do during the day.  You could finish all of the tourist attractions in a day, easy!

I would like to retract that statement by stating that this really depends on what kind tourist you are.   If you like to hang out and explore cities while you take in the culture then this comment doesn’t apply to you.  If you come to Cali expecting the next coming of Christ you will be sadly disappointed.  The tourist attractions are severely limited during the day.  We actually ended up walking to the mall because we couldn’t find anything to do.

It really seemed like the mall was the biggest attraction in whole city.  I asked a friend who lived in Cali where I should I go to eat and guess what she responded?  Go to the Chipi Chape mall they have everything!  I would like to reiterate that the mall was named Chipi Chape mall.  Chipi Chape? Has a nice ring to it right? Say it three times fast!

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There was a lot to eat including the great sign on American capitalism, McDonald’s! Oh yes I did… No I really didn’t, not this time anyway.  I bought some arepas con queso (corn cakes with cheese) for lunch in which I immediately bought my favorite Colombian drug.  Starts with a Co ends with E, any guesses?  You really have me mistaken for someone else the answer is coffee.  The iced coffee from the man himself, Juan Valdez.  The guy is seriously good looking I mean who couldn’t buy a coffee from that guy!

I arrived on a Thursday so I was ready to head out on the town and test my new imaginary salsa moves that I have been learning.  The night unfortunately was stifled by rain and I ended up eating arepas at a random cafe in front of a gay nightclub.  I now will no longer do any form of outlandish cat calling to women as I now know what it feels like.  On a side note I tried the ridiculously disgusting Costeña beer which will haunt me in my dreams forever.  After that the night was over and I still wasn’t impressed with Cali.

Until the next day.. like tomorrow when the next post on Cali is coming out.  How is that for a transition?  8am sharp sound good to you? Done (click here for post).


  1. I was supposed to go to Cali next month for a wedding, but had to cancel.  My friend that is getting married there and she talks about Cali as though it’s a Paradise!  I’m glad that you’ve decided to stop cat calling women. 😉

    1. I never said it wasn’t nice.. there is nothing to do in Cali during the day. The city comes alive at night and I would agree with that in the end it is a nice city

  2. i’m actually from Cali, and even is sad what you said… its true. I live here and you can always find the way to have fun, for tourism no so much… but the people are really nice and if you love dancing (especially salsa) you can do it every single day, until 5 am. I really wish Cali become some day like Medellin is. I love my city and im not goin anywhere

  3. My father was born in cali I was there for xass two years ago I stayed with a friend who lives in dapa hope to hear from you

  4. Cali is a beautiful city !!!! You just have to go to good places that willl definitely make u in love with the city .

  5. Cali is a beautiful city and I recommended! Also it is Chipichape! And you sould had gone to la mansion del rio to have dinner, or platillos voladores. You went to the worst places!

  6. My friend . it depends of what you want….but Cali has a lot of natural attractions like Rio Pance, La chorrera del indio, los farallones de Cali, Yanaconas, Km 18 , Hacienda el Paraiso, La Buitrera, Sancocho de Gallina en leña en ginebra o rio pance, El parque de la salud and all these you can make it during the day time.
    At night you can go to Delirio Salsa Show the best salsa dancers from CAli, this is about 4 hours show and dance .
    you can go to different alive theathers , San Anthonio la loma, grannada, etc…
    and can tell you many more but again your friend that is from cali might not go anywhere than his own town or something…..and let me tell you women from Cali are very beautiful we can not compare with medellin because we are different culture but i can tell you something women from Cali knows how to dance very good compare with the rest of the country.
    Next time contact someone that really knows the city of CAli and know it a little bit more. ( It takes days to know the places in Cali ).
    Hope you enjoy it your next trip!

    1. Jay, you seem to know a lot about Cali. What would you say is the best activities & place to go when you have very limited Spanish visiting as an American female. I’d love to hear about your suggestions. I have 3 days to explore there this month.

  7. Grimy unfriendly crowded and nothing to do for a tourist – dull shopping malls – boring museums – traumatised people who have forgotten to smile – get real Cali is a dump !

      1. Ok. Why did you go there in the first place? If you go to Cali to go to museums and other boring places, it’s your fault. The whole point of going to Cali is to dance and party at the many clubs there are. You will have a lot of fun at these very modern and nice clubs. But maybe you didn’t go there because you can’t dance and you didn’t want to embarrass yourself. But if you are under 18, I recommend going to other places in Colombia like Medellin, San Andres, Cartagena, or Santa Marta. Also, you can find amazing places at Cali to eat; just like everywhere else in Colombia. My favorite place at Cali is El km 18, it is a natural attraction. It is a mountain that you are supposed to go up in your car and it is cold. There is many places there that you can go get some hot chocolate. Honey, next time find someone that knows about the city to tell you where you should go, or else you might end up bored or disappointed, if so, go back to where you came from 🙂

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