Dear Peru: I really DON’T want to get to know you

A traveler should never say that, especially a traveler like myself that has been living overseas and experiencing new cultures almost his entire life.  I don’t know if it is a mood that I am in but considering I had to leave Brazil to make a visa run at the end of the month anyway, I was looking at all of my options.

I looked for flights to all the countries that I hadn’t been to yet in South America, Ecuador & Peru respectively, and also looked for flights to Chile since I wanted to be a in a country where things worked.  Chile is by far the most efficient country in Latin America and also the only 1st world country in South America.  That is where I want to be.

flag of Peru

Flag of Peru

Chile and I also have unfinished business since I haven’t explored much of the southern region.  I was extremely excited about this new adventure so I could finish up many places in South America that I haven’t been to yet.

I don’t know what it is but Peru just doesn’t call my attention

It isn’t because I may have a problem with my business (emini day trading) since the internet in Peru is suspect.  It isn’t because Peru is known to be one of the most inefficient countries in South America.  I continue to ask myself, outside of Machu Picchu, is there really anything mind blowing to see in Peru?

By mind blowing I specifically mean things to see that you can’t see in other countries or something that is extremely unique.  Something so unique that it makes someone gasp and start looking for flights immediately.

When I was living in East Africa and exploring the things to do, I brushed across some pictures of the stone forest in Madagascar thanks to National Geographic.  Within 2 hours I purchased a flight to experience the unique wonder, safe to say Madagascar proved to be a very unique and interested destination.

map of peru

Map of peru

I have had friends that have visited Peru, even family members, they have promptly told me about the things to see and nothing pops out at me other than Machu Picchu.  Parts of the Peruvian countryside are amazing but are they really any different than the countryside in Bolivia and parts of the Atacama desert in Chile?

I am at an impasse since I am the kind of person that always likes to see everything.  Since I am a day trader I have the means to travel faster and get to off the track places like South Sudan and even Somaliland.  But Peru?

It happens to be the fourth least visited country in all of South America as of 2011

The only countries that are ahead of Peru are Ecuador, Venezuela, and Paraguay.  Paraguay & Venezuela are understandable considering that both are very unstable.  Ecuador was a bit of a surprise considering they own the Galapagos Islands, I guess tourists don’t like the fact that Ecuador has had 9 presidents over the span of 12 years.

I received the numbers from the World Tourism Organization Network.  I didn’t include The Guiana’s in this analysis because most people don’t know what they are or where they are.

The decision to get out of Brazil lead me to Peru because travel expenses directly to Chile from Rio De Janeiro are ridiculously expensive.  I also wanted a direct flight which were all booked so I decided to make a pit stop in Peru then head to Chile.

It will be interesting to see how I feel about the country once I arrive.

Every country in the world has something unique to offer and I shouldn’t judge Peru until I have actually been there. There is much to say that Peru is one of the least visited country in South America that isn’t in chaos.  Look forward to sharing my experience!


  1. I have to admit I’m struggling to be drawn to any part of northern Peru. South of Lima, I want to see Ica, the Nazca lines, Colca Canyon, Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca, though I suspect I’ll prefer the Bolivian side of Lake Titicaca and Atacama will have everything Ica has to offer and more. I’ll watch this space to see how you get on!

  2. I can’t remember who said: “Wherever you go there you are.” I think that a country is mostly what a person makes of it. That said, I agree with two of your sentiments. If you rely on trading all day five days a week then you must have a very reliable Internet connection. Yes, the Internet can be suspect in Peru. I could write a post about the times when I had to change plans because my connection integrity was either nonexistent, very slow, or had surprisingly vanished on me. When that happens, especially when you’re in a super motivated mood, a feeling of heartbreak can transpire.
    I also agree that you can find a lot of similar things to do in different South American countries, especially in regards to getting in touch with nature, coast, Andes, Amazon.
    But, other than sometimes crappy Internet integrity, I found that the costs, food, people and transportation make Peru a worthy traveler’s destination.

  3. I am only at the beggining of my trip through Peru, and so far I am happy that I chose this country. I love the people, the food and the landscape.
    The high so far has unexpectedly been Arequipa, for the stunning landscape, the Condors and the deepest canyon in the world. The low, sad to say, has been Cusco. If it wasnt for the main plaza and San Blas, there would not be too much more to see. I hope that my future destinations will match my love for Arequipa!

  4. If you’re such a seasoned traveller as you claim to be, why do you travel to places where you can only find “first world comfort” and then have prejudiced notions of a place you’ve never even visited before?

    you sound to me like the typical idiotic north american (Canada – USA) that goes to paris and starts bitching because they don’t have taco bell!!!

    1. Andy are you serious? I am one of the few people that has been to South Sudan, the newest country in the world, and Somalia. I think you better do your homework and read my site a little more rather than just reading a few posts. I used to live in Eastern Africa and been to many countries that most people don’t go to. Do your homework before you try to bash someone.

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