Welcome To The New & Improved WanderingTrader: Updates

Wandering Trader, WanderingTraderI would like to formally welcome you to the new and improved WanderingTrader, I have made a significant amount of improvements to the site since I started being a travel blogger roughly 2 years ago and I thought that the site needed a much needed pick up.

When I first started I honestly didn’t know what I was doing and the website reflected that.  It was extremely slow and very hard to move around. Being that travel is mostly visual I wanted to make sure that I made the site easier to see and highlighted the things that are important.

The first thing that you’ll notice immediately is the fancy new logo which you can see to the right. I have been doing that stance from around the world and is now my trademark.

Now have a lot of friends doing the stance in different places around the world, I plan on explaining it soon so be on the lookout for that.  If you look on one of the tabs on your browser you will see the favicon on there as well.

More Guides

I had an idea when I first started this travel blog to be able to provide detailed information about living overseas and travel guides for the various countries that I visit. After all, I do travel to countries that most people don’t travel to like Somalia, South Sudan, and  the Guiana’s.

I have been traveling at full throttle and have even more work now with my new day trading project where I teach people how to day trade.  You can check the status of what I call the living guides and travel guides at the links below.

I have also enlisted the help of other travel bloggers that have been to countries that I have not been to yet in order to provide detailed information about visiting those countries. I look forward to having everything you need to travel around the world!

Living Guides (still under construction)

Travel Guides (still under construction)

Travel Photos Pages

The very first set of blog posts that I have on the site are from Iceland. When I traveled to Iceland I was traveling with a very small point and shoot camera that I purchased over three years ago.  Since then, I have learned a ton about photography thanks to all of the people I have met traveling the world.

I have purchased two new cameras that have a lot more features that will allow me take capture and share what I see when I travel around the world.  The picture pages will now feature full screen images which I think are a lot better than the smaller pictures I have been posting on the site.

Click here to check out all the recent pictures.

More Video

I have just purchased a GoPro HD Hero 2 in order to do a lot more video with the site. I have gotten a lot of comments about the video that I do take and look forward to providing more on the site. One of the cool things about the GoPro is that I am able to take underwater. One of the first things that I plan to do with the GoPro is go hang gliding here in Brazil.

Click here to check out all the videos on the site or just watch the video below of my recap of my travels around the world in 2011:

Where Am I & What Am I Doing?

I have officially moved to Brazil and I am in the ridiculously expensive city of Rio de Janeiro. I plan on staying here for roughly a month in order to work on a new learning how to day trade project that I’m sharing via my day trading site. I also have a new partner that is going to be part of the project name Brice, and I’m going to be training him here in Brazil to learn how to day trade using my day trading strategy.

After Rio de Janeiro, I plan on traveling through Brazil and my next stop will be the small island town the Florianopolis. After that, I plan on continuing to the South where I will meet a day trader in Porto Alegre. One of the things that I definitely want to do is diving in one of the most beautiful places in Brazil, the island of Fernando de Noronha.

I’m going to be networking heavily as I am planning on opening up day trading centers in Brazil, Colombia, and India. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do after Brazil but the current plans look like heading East again.

The only things I have left to visit in South America are the Galapagos islands, Machu Picchu in Peru, Easter island Chile, and other minor things like the angel falls in Venezuela as well as the Amazon rain forest.


  1. Love all the beautiful pictures you post. I love nature and beautiful pictures of people and places, which you are providing. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

  2. Hey man, I know you have moved on…but I’m in Medellin this weekend. It’s raining and I dont speak Spanish. Bad combo. Where do you recommend I go tonight (Saturday) and tmrw night? And, are there any specific places during weekend days to meet girls? I am not afraid to politely approach. Thx, appreciate any info you have.

    1. Stay away from Lleras… hit up barrio colombia that was my favorite spot. There are some other spots that are well hidden as well. If you stay away from lleras you should be alright

  3. Nice! I had a year long struggle with a silly web designer who screwed my blog, but finally it’s getting back into shape. New design n’ all. 🙂 Yay, like urs!

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