What Would Travel Be Without Europe?

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FirstA unique way to look at European influenced architecture

First let me apologize for the massively long post, I was inspired.

Think about this for a second, where does everyone want to travel to? According to World Tourism Rankings, Europe has 5 of the top 10 visited countries in the world. The most visited city in the world is Paris, that’s why they say that you can watch the whole world walk by if you sit in a cafe in Paris.

Think about all of the good things that Europe brought to the world; from the Greek’s architecture and democracy, the rise of Rome, and the vast Britain Empire. The good doesn’t come without the bad, think about the slavery that Europe brought to the world.

What would the architecture be like around the world? The gorgeous architecture that you crave to see when you travel to Rome and Paris. The Paris of the South, Buenos Aires, would be the dump of the south without Europeans. In the United States, the national monuments boast European influences.

Asia, which has the least European influence, still boasts hints of Europe. In Shanghai, the Paris of the East, all the modern hotels are old European embassies. Official government buildings in almost every country boast European architecture. What would be the most visited countries if we didn’t have European architecture?

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Whats cookin good lookin

One of the biggest influences in our history is democracy. The one thing that everyone around the world strives for is freedom. Its what the United States has the biggest military spending budget for, to protect freedom and force it, excuse me, give it to others. Think about the slavery that was brought to America and Latin America.

Europe is a haven for law and order, just think about about the law and order that the Europeans have brought the world. The Congo river once had 20 boats navigating throughout it when the Belgians were in control of Congo. Since the Belgians have left there is 1 boat that is left being continually supplemented by the other 19 that don’t work.

On the other hand, what would the world of travel be like if the Europeans didn’t disrupt the lives of the Indians in the Americas? Before the Europeans arrived in Latin America there was a system of law and order in place. Once they arrived, they forced the indigenous people onto the political framework of Europe, disrupting the original law and order in the first place.

Imagine for second what Latin America would look like if there was no European influence at all.

Think about food around the world, pizza and pasta are one of the most famous meals in the world. The Italians didn’t invent pasta the Chinese did, but what the Mario and Luigi did is add some delicious sauce to it. VOILAH!! A world favorite. The epitome of food in the United States is hamburgers and hot dogs being delivered buffet style to the world faster than press trip to a travel blogger. McDonald’s is now a luxury restaurant in some places around the world where families have their Sunday dinner. Where did hamburgers and hot dogs come from you ask, Germany, Frankfurt to be exact.

Think about the sheer influence that religion has brought to the world. Christian faith is the largest religion in the world. Think about the effects this religion has had on shaping the world. I find it wildly fascinating to think about what the world of travel would be like without Europe. I can’t list all of the details from fashion, holidays, and even literature. But isn’t it interesting to think what the world would be like without Europe?


  1. Europe is awesome, just walking around I like to imagine all the “whatever may have occurred where I’m standing”. That said, this isn’t massively long and if it is, I have committed countless crimes against humanity.

  2. Interesting post, got me thinking.

    Europe is an amazing continent, and I think it’s incredible how one city like Paris can have such an impact on the rest of the world.

    Despite all the bad things Europeans have done in the past, I don’t think I would want to live in a world without Europe 🙂

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