When A Long Term Traveller Falls In Love

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I point at things, its what I do

We have one goal in mind, keep going.

Keep seeing those unique wonders of the world that everyone strives to see.

There are a myriad of different types of long term travelers that I have met on my current around the world trip; people who backpack their way around the world, people who have strive to inject themselves into the culture they are living in, and others that live in places for periods of time.

My strategy is to live overseas in a country long enough to really immerse yourself in the culture, but short enough to be able to see everything.

Typically that will last 3-5 months depending on the things to see in that area. Brazil and Argentina are massive countries where you would need more time. But what happens if you find a place that you fall in love with?

I never experienced this before where I actually want to stay.

I’m currently living in Medellin, Colombia, and this place has really blown my mind away.

Colombian culture here in Medellin is incredible. I’m living high on the hog since I found a penthouse (check out this great pic) in one of the nicest areas of the city but that isn’t why I like it.

I would be just as happy living in the worst part of the city. Everyone in the city is very nice and well mannered.

Everywhere I turn I hear: โ€œthank you , excuse me, I would love toโ€, and โ€œoh I’m sorryโ€. This is a bit different than what I am accustomed to, especially in the United States where everyone is more reserved.

The weather in Medellin, correctly dubbed the city of eternal spring, is perfect. The only other place I know of that has perfect weather year round in San Francisco and it ridiculously expensive to live there.

For travelers, you can find a very cheap room to rent for $250 a month. I have looked into actually buying property in the city and they are very reasonable. 2 bedroom condos for $120,000 an just a few months ago the same condo would be $80,000.

I am a bit torn about what I should do. I love this place, I want to stay. At the same time I have placed on heading east and visiting Africa and Asia. I am simply torn between the fact that I should burden myself with a mortgage payment every month to have a place in Colombia. But the real question is: Should I stay? Should I come back and live here part of the year?

Decisions… Decisions.


  1. San Francisco’s weather is worse than Medellin. Much colder and windier. You always need a jacket with you in case the weather turns. It’s more similar to Bogota’s weather (SF is a bit warmer at night though)

    1. I was thinking the same thing Jeff. I thought San Diego was the place to be in California for perfect weather!?

      As for Troy’s suggestion, you already know I’m leaving my plans open ended after this August, but knowing I have a comfortable, affordable place to stay for up to 6 months at a time would definitely increase the likelihood of my return in 2012. Just don’t make a big decision like that lightly (even though we all know you’d have no trouble filling vacant rooms while you’re away).

      1. San Diego has awesome weather. Probably the closest to Medellin of all the US cities… Bonus is that it’s actually sunny there and only rains like (few days?) a year or something.

  2. I am going to place a call on staying, but go large on the put because I have a feeling you’ll keep traveling. Daily fluctuations of course, but you’ve got to play the percentages.

  3. tell you what man. You buy the 2 bedrooms place. I will rent the other rooms for you while your gone to help cover the payment on it and when I’m not there Dave can do it for me. Then you’ll always have a place to call home, that isn’t breaking you wallet and making you a little money (investment). So if you need to stay for 2 months you got a place and if you want to travel for 6 months you can and still have a place that is looked after. We got a deal?

  4. Sounds like quite the dilemma, though a good one to be facing! I feel very similar here in Queenstown. I’d argue quite easily that it’s the most beautiful place in the world with an unbeatable quality of life. I wake up each morning in my reasonably priced 3 bedroom renovated bach (Kiwi summer homes of yesteryear) with views that open up to the Remarkables Mountain range, Lake Wakatipu, and native forest. I do some work during the week and go on epic mountain bike rides or hikes in untouched New Zealand backcountry on the weekend. Why on earth would I ever want to leave?

    That’s the problem (blessing?) we face as long term backpackers / travelers or what have you – we’re never quite satisfied and always want to see and experience more places. One day I’ll be ready to settle down, but not just yet.

  5. Welcome to the I <3 Colombia club! After 3 years on the road, I'm back in Colombia for a second time after having spent 6 months here last year. While I wouldn't buy a house yet, basically Colombia is in my plans for at least 6 months out of every year from here on out (until maybe I get married or study and can stay longer )

  6. So true !! I myself have never been the same since I lived in Cartagena Colombia for close to two years and till this day I only dream of settling over there …It is paradise and you may leave but Colombia does not leave you ๐Ÿ™‚ Very happy to find others as crazy as me!!

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more Deborah… Cartagena to me can be South America’s biggest tourism destination if the Colombian government decided to get its act together. The place is amazing but deadly hot!

  7. Sometimes the allure of something is has a bit to do with the fact that its ‘not yours’ , ‘not there when it want it at anytime’ etc etc. My guess is that if you buy the apartment you will realise that you didn’t really need to buy it. Furthermore it will just be more clutter in your life that will probably stop you from doing things and being totally free. Truth be told, you can go back whenever you want and still get good value accommodation etc without having to buy.. you know this!

    On the other hand it could be a good investment for your portfolio I guess.

    Also I figure that 120,000 is loose change for you ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Hello,
    I’m thinking about to Colombia to teach English as well as immerse myself in the culture and learn Spanish. I do know some, but I would love to have to learn because I’m in a Spanish speaking county. I’m from Washington D.C and love it but I feel as though while I’m still in my 20s, I should travel. The only thing I keep hearing about Medellin is how dangerous it is. I would love to learn more about the city since I would be coming alone, which scares me even more. Thank you.

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