Why would anyone travel to Iceland? Do people actually live there?

Iceland the “Land of Fire and Ice” is one of the most remarkable places on earth.  It is here where one can see nature in true raw form.   One can witness earth changes with the movement of the sea, ice and the ground itself.  Situated on the Mid-Atlantic trench one can observe the making of our continents.   When travelling to Iceland you are never very far from the forces that create and continue to define the landforms of the earth.    The beauty of Iceland can be seen in the way that the mountains covered with snow show their reflection in the many glacier fed lakes that exist across the island.  Never very far are geothermal baths you can swim in and huge craters in the Earth left by earthquakes.  Although retreating, you can still go and climb the blue green glaciers and watch the flow of water out to sea.

Not only are the sites beautiful, but the people are beautiful as well.  Everyone is extremely friendly around the island and very eager to help.  It is extremely easy to communicate since everyone speaks English.  Getting around is very simple as well, it is a typical European city with mass transit available everywhere.  Whether you’re interested more in scenic beauty or a vivid nightlife, one can easily determine that Iceland is a land that once visited will never be forgotten.

Marcello Arrambide

Wandering Trader

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  1. I like it..The article is vividly written!  I guess people who love nature and its creation will love travelling to Iceland!

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