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Food in Argentina: Stuff your face with Dulce de Leche

Dulce de Leche, if you didn’t know, is a very popular item when it comes to food in Latin America. Its no exception when you talk about the food in Argentina either. They serve dulce de leche with dessert, coffee, and they even put it in pastries throughout bakeries in the country. My attempt at […]

Food in Argentina: Meet the Butcher

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His name is Jose and if you happen to be in the San Telmo market make sure to stop and buy some good meat from him.  I call him Giuseppe simply because he is Italian and well, everyone in Italy is called Giuseppe (then he’ll know I sent you and no I dont make a commission). […]

Icelandic Food: Fish and Chips

Icelandic Food: Fish and Chips

If you are even in Reykjavik dont let anyone tell you to eat a hotdog.  Go out and find an Icelandic classic: Fish and chips.  It comes highly recommended from the WanderingTrader.  Check out our Top 5 section for more Iceland sightseeing activities and dont forget to ask your tour guide for special events to find […]