Food in Argentina: Meet the Butcher

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Picking out steak in Buenos Aires, Argentina

His name is Jose and if you happen to be in the San Telmo market make sure to stop and buy some good meat from him.  I call him Giuseppe simply because he is Italian and well, everyone in Italy is called Giuseppe (then he’ll know I sent you and no I dont make a commission).

Food in Argentina is known for nothing else then its Steak.  Buenos Aires, specifically, is filled with cafe’s on every corner and when you add in the European architecture its certainly a place where you can find Paris around the World.  Much like Europe, Argentine’s go regularly during the week to small markets to pick up their food; the fruit has no preservatives, the steak is not full of steroids, and the best part is that it all costs about half as much as in the states.  I am able to purchase 4 steaks for roughly $10 and Argentine’s are the 2nd largest consumers of Beef right behind it’s neighbor, Uruguay.


  1. is that the name of the butcher shop? ‘meet the butcher… Whats the address??….. on the hunt for Lamb and duck if i can get it… Lambs a hard to find item here

    1. Go to San Telmo and ask where the market is at, they have A TON of meat shops where you should be able to find lamb, Patagonian lamb is very popular. If you look for that butcher u see in the pic he will prob hook you up he usually has everything!

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