A Beautiful Day At Stonehenge


The day at Stonehenge in England couldn’t have been any better.  Living in London for two months October & November I started to get accustomed to the horrible weather that England (and London) are known for.  I scoured the internet for weather reports and finally found a day where partly cloudy and “low chances of sun” were expected.  What it turned into was a fantastic day at not only Stonehenge, but also Windsor castle & the city of Bath.  I was able to see in one day what England is known for; London, the Roman baths in Bath, England, and Stonehenge.

Most people don’t know that Stonehenge is also blocked off to the public.  In the past anyone was allows to go up to and be inside of the rock formations.  Even though it is blocked off now you are still able to get quite close to the formation to take pictures. The picture above is from the farther side of the formation.

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  1. Nice shot, brings back good memories. I was there last year… on the morning tour, before the sites opens to tourists… and I had planned it to be on the morning of my birthday. It was quite special to be there inside the stones at sunrise, and I was able to make great pictures without any people in the shots. In Canada, our Thanksgiving was last month… but I can be thankful more than once a year for the life I have 🙂

  2. hi marcello,
    thank you for all of the information from all of the places you have traveled to.i want to travel to some of these places also!
    happy thanksgiving to you.
    frank senner

  3. The answer to the mystery of Stonehenge! The question itself is the reason for its occurrence. Today we take this structure with a cultured mind, not your heart, as did the people who erected it and use it. Few have it, you need to use them correctly. Stonehenge was built for a purpose. At one time he was a minor part of a process. And served as the proper configuration and oriented in space and time. In a way, it is a magical building, but it remains so for those who perceive it so. In applications such as its location or a specific program developed technology, it ceases to be mysterious and becomes real, its so familiar. Stonehenge was built by a very sophisticated people, because people are using it to communicate with God, but rather with his eye (Soul). And ask God for health, protection for themselves and their loved ones, and for God to solve their problems with certain people to justice. But it was impossible to deal with materialistic ideas and requests, and to ask the wealth. Since it was against spirituality and its development in the us. Spirituality – God’s gift to people. With it, people are more open, they become spiritual personalities who disappears negative, evil, envy. If a person does not develop a spirituality, the spirit soul covers. We need to develop a quality conscience: compassion, empathy, love of neighbor and do not do to others what you yourself do not desire. If a person that does not – he lives in darkness. Only the Spirit-fire spirituality in a person can change it and lead to God. Only the Spirit of God can teach us how to become a spiritual person, to change the world around us. Program that provides enlightened, containing the following: the person who, through structures like Stonehenge to God. Tune in and helped him to open up to become another person. Then people contemplate their desires and intentions, and to formulate their request. And absentia familiar with the structure. Which is in the process of what to do and say. Description of the process. When you enter this building, the man was accompanied by several people, they were witnesses to his desires and intentions, which he was going to ask God. This person in front of them voiced their request, or a personal desire that he wanted to send to God. These people supported his intentions, giving the man the faith – that this is and will be, what he wants. Then people entered the building, expressing their feelings and attitudes toward God. Reaching the designated place, people knew about what was happening in absentia proceedings to which he was. By its inner spirit, excitement, and thinking that he put forth, will come true. Next, people looked to the west, where they send their desire and thought. This was a confirmation in the implementation of the process. Further, if it was God’s will, then the Eye of God came turquoise beam that troubled space in this building. Next, clean the face six laps of time and space, the human soul Oka put forward a wedge in the space of the pyramid to the Oka God. And there is the human soul to communicate with God alone, it is the eye of God was a large mirror, which said human soul. Impossible is possible. Want to try? To do this, you need to restore or build a new Stonehenge. Be sure to read the teachings of Kabbalah. Your wishes can replace flows. I assure you if your spirituality matches the quality and characteristics of the spirituality that wants to see you God, your desires become reality. If you do not want to prove the correctness of their lives, want to feel like a truly spiritual person, then you should follow the instructions given. And your mind is clear. And, in my opinion, view, this is very necessary for every person, so I wish you a speedy spiritual development. Sincerely, Your Constantine.

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