Sunset At Easter Island: Ahu Tahai

Easter Island Ahu Tahai

The Ahu Tahai are one of the smaller set of Moai statues that are found on Easter Island.  Found on the eastern part of the Easter Island, otherwise known as Rapa Nui, it provides one of the most beautiful views at sunset.  We aren’t fully sure what the Moai were used for but some suspect they are burial tombs or used as religious symbols.

The Ahu Tahai isn’t just one set of statues, it is an entire ceremonial complex that was restored in 1974.  This specific set of statues are  unique in that the statues are built very different from each other.  Ahu Tahai also happens to be the only location where one will find an actual congregation of tourists.  One of the allures of Easter Island is the serenity and the peacefulness which is witnessed upon visiting the island.

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