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House In The Country: Antarctica

Antarctica Bases

How awesome would it be to have that view every morning? Wake up with a few friends that happen to be penguins and stare at the icebergs that float around. I can’t describe how special Antarctica is compared to other countries that I have been to, I can tell you that it is something that you […]

Lonely Penguin in Antarctica

Penguins in Antarctica

The Penguins in Argentina amazed me every single time that I saw them, they are so cute and interesting at the same time.  I was able to interact with a group of penguins and get inches with the feisty chin strap penguins (click here to read post).  This specific picture was taken at Cuverville Island which has […]

Penguin Fight at Cuverville Island, Antarctica

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The penguins at Cuverville Island, Antarctica aren’t an aggressive bunch, the problem is that there is little real estate for each penguin family to have a nest.  I loved to watch the penguins try to walk through the entire penguin colony at Cuverville Island because it was similar to playing Frogger.  Each penguin had to […]

View From Above: Neko Harbour, Antarctica

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Neko Harbour in Antarctica is one of the stops that most Antarctica cruises visit.  While most people swim at Deception Bay, there were a handful of people in my tour group that decided to strip and jump in the water at Neko Harbour.  The view you are looking at is after a small hike up the […]

The Smiling Leopard Seal: Antarctica

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This guy was one of the highlights omy trip to Antarctica.  It was during the zodiac cruise tour (small cruise boats) that we were driving around looking at glaciers that we spotted this guy.  The small piece of ice that he was sitting on was sitting against a massive glacier.  The drivers of the boats […]

Curious Chinstrap Penguin: Deception Bay, Antarctica

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This picture was taken in Deception Bay Antarctica during my trip to the great white continent.  This curious guy was one of the penguins that decided to completely surround me while I was in Deception Bay (see pics here) which is where most cruise operators take people to swim in Antarctic waters. There are various […]

Admiring Penguins in Port Lockroy, Antarctica

Port Lockroy, Antarctica

Antarctica is very magical place, to try to describe it wouldn’t give it justice.  This picture was taken at Port Lockroy, a British museum and post office.  The official “most southern most post office in the world” which will take 2 months for post cards to arrive since everything is sent via ship.  Ironically the […]

Speaking in Penguin Tongue: Neko Harbour, Antarctica

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Neko Harbour is home to a large penguin colony and also one of the oldest British bases.  Once you depart the southern most city in the world, Ushuaia, your cheap Antarctica cruise will take you to this popular Antarctica attraction.  This is also the location where you can send your Antarctica postcards which will take over […]