Architecture in Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp in Belgium

This is the beginning of the famous shopping district in Antwerp, Belgium.  You can find some of the top stores around the world in Antwerp surprisingly enough, its a small city with very big intentions.


  1. Antwerp is just a small country with a lots of good restaurants and fantastic architecture. When we were there, we just took photos almost all landmarks. We were busy capturing the place.

  2. One advice: Antwerp natives are famous in Belgium for thinking that Antwerp is the center of the Universe… so NEVER say to a native that Antwerp is a small city… he/she will be utterly insulted 🙂

  3. Between Ghent and Antwerp, I need to return to Belgium to see the country. My hidden interest may be in sampling as many beers as possible, but the architecture looks pretty damn cool too. Nice shots!

  4. I ended up in Antwerp on a lark last year and was surprised how much I liked it there. Definitely need to go back with a full wallet to take in all the great shopping.

  5. Antwerp is the highlight of Belgium to be honest. The cultural and commercial center of the whole conflicting country. Such a beauty and charm! Much more interesting than Bruges which is far more touristic. Beautiful and intellectual people. I can go back there again and again!

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