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The Countryside of Bariloche Argentina

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Bariloche, Argentina really has something magical.  The city and the surrounding areas are absolutely breathtaking and can only be described as the Switzerland of Argentina.  While Chile is better known as the Switzerland of South America, this unique city in the heart of Patagonia will knock you off your feet.  The picture above was taken […]

The Switzerland Of Argentina: The Bariloche Countryside

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Chile is actually known as the Switzerland of the south while Bariloche, right on the border between Chile and Argentina, is the Switzerland of Argentina.  This is where you can feast your eyes on gorgeous snowcapped mountains and a gorgeous lake country.  In the surrounding area you can find plenty to do with outdoor activities […]

El Tronador Glacier in Bariloche, Argentina

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The literal translation for the name of this glacier is: Tronador=Thundering.  When the chunks of ice break off the glacier laying on top of the mountains it literally makes a thunderous roar.  We were lucky enough to see a mini avalanche from the ice breaking off of the glacier.  The water at the bottom of […]