El Tronador Glacier in Bariloche, Argentina

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El Tronador Glacier - Bariloche, Argentina

The literal translation for the name of this glacier is: Tronador=Thundering.  When the chunks of ice break off the glacier laying on top of the mountains it literally makes a thunderous roar.  We were lucky enough to see a mini avalanche from the ice breaking off of the glacier.  The water at the bottom of the Tronador Glacier in Bariloche is glacial milk – (sediments and minerals that have been released from the ice breaking off the glacier).

This is a rare picture because you “are not allowed” to jump the fence and walk to the Glacial milk.  But just like the time I climbed a Greek temple in Italy, rules are meant to be broken, and that certainly wont stop me from taking a peak and saying my foot has been in glacial milk.  Check out other Argentina pictures and our top 5 things to do in Argentina!


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