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Photo Essay – The Children of Argentina

Photo Essay - The Children of Argentina

I made sure to get a picture of a kid in every part of Argentina that I traveled to.  Many broke stereotypes and others made my time more enjoyable.  Enjoy! CORDOBA- This is by far one of my favorite pics, caught him right in heat of the battle.  Kids: say no to cigarettes. 🙂 BUENOS […]

El Tronador Glacier in Bariloche, Argentina

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The literal translation for the name of this glacier is: Tronador=Thundering.  When the chunks of ice break off the glacier laying on top of the mountains it literally makes a thunderous roar.  We were lucky enough to see a mini avalanche from the ice breaking off of the glacier.  The water at the bottom of […]

Food in Argentina: Meet the Butcher

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His name is Jose and if you happen to be in the San Telmo market make sure to stop and buy some good meat from him.  I call him Giuseppe simply because he is Italian and well, everyone in Italy is called Giuseppe (then he’ll know I sent you and no I dont make a commission). […]

Buenos Aires Sightseeing: The Thinker

Buenos Aires Sightseeing: The Thinker

This is one of the original statues by Rodin properly titled The Thinker.  Situated in the picturesque Plaza de Congresso square near the center of the city, this is one of the most popular things to do in Argentina.  From the plaza de Congresso you can walk down Rivadavia avenue and see some of the […]

Buenos Aires sightseeing: Mausoleum at Recoleta Cemetery

Recolata Cemetary, recoleta argentina, recoleta buenos aires

One of the most popular things to do in Buenos Aires, the Recoleta cemetery is where the most influential Argentinian figures rest in peace.  Many of the mausoleums in the cemetery are intricately detailed with marble statues through a wide rane of architectural styles.  The most prominent figures buried here are Eva Peron and Raul […]

Buenos Aires Puerto Madero Skyline

Buenos Aires Puerto Madero Skyline

While there are many Bueno Aires barrios (Bueno Aires neighborhoods), many haven’t heard of Puerto Madero.  A rather new area it shows the revitalization of Buenos Aires and shows off the pride the people have always had for the city.  Laying next to rio de la plata (the river plate) its one of the new Buenos Aires […]