Photo Essay – The Children of Argentina

I made sure to get a picture of a kid in every part of Argentina that I traveled to.  Many broke stereotypes and others made my time more enjoyable.  Enjoy!


In the heat of battle! lol

In the heat of battle! lol

This is by far one of my favorite pics, caught him right in heat of the battle.  Kids: say no to cigarettes. 🙂


A kid playing soccer in front of a park in Buenos Aires

A young kid playing soccer in a park which is dedicated to the none other, Maradona.  It amazes me how they revere a soccer player as high as previous Presidents.  It shows the priority of the people.


Little Girl from Rosario - She was Performing for the camera

From the 3rd largest city in Argentina, Rosario, comes the street performer.  As soon as she realized that was trying to take a picture of her she started going nuts!  Adorable girl.


Very shy little girl from Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

This little hails from Puerto Iguazu, Argentina.  If you notice how afraid she was of me taking the picture, look at how she was pitching her mom’s arm on the bottom right. (I had to get the picture)


El Tigre, Argentina

On the train back from Tigre, Argentina I ran into this gorgeous young lady.  Extremely sweet, the train ride was only 1 hour but she did manage to make me 5 drawings in that time frame.


My favorite of all of them

This little man was a class act, as soon as he noticed that I was trying to take a picture of him he started making funny faces and smashing his face against the glass.  He also tried to bring me a Sprite I didn’t want it but had to pay for it anyway.. lol


Notice the Indian features on this kid from Tilcara

It really amazes me the difference in features that the kids have throughout the country.  This would not be your typical idea of a kid from Argentina, I definitely broke a lot of stereotypes when I arrived to this part of Argentina.


Miss Shirley Temple

This kid was the devil… seriously.


She was part of a walking strike - Akward man area 12 o'clock


Kid from Bariloche

As you can tell she is a chocolate lover 🙂


Citizenship - Argentina Location - Unkown

This gorgeous little girl I found on the flight to Paraguay.  Extremely curious and playful she kept asking me why I had long hair and that boys should have short not long hair. lol


  1. Very nice pics, I also try to take pics of kids when I travel too, they are always great photo subjects and a great sample of population you meet when you travel. It is interesting to see the different ethnicity! I find the last one reeeeally cute with her big round eyes!

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