The Real Argentina They Won’t Show: El Tigre

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The real life water world

They will show you the gorgeous European capital and the delicious steak you can buy but what they wont show you are the extreme poor that live in the outer realm of the bustling capital.  Blessed with natural beauty and resources, Argentina is also plagued by poverty and corruption.  This picture was taken at the second province of the delta region of Argentina.  Outlaws, criminals, and even the poor have called this area a home.  Abandoned houses are quickly renovated and turned into homes.

You can see the poverty in this picture and the reason why I chose to share it is because you can see the modernity in it as well.  Notice the electricity and DirectTV satellite dish.  The entire area is confined by waterways that are navigated by boats.  Taxi boats are the most popular mode of travel as they take you around the delta region.


  1. I would agree that it does exist but not as prevalent as you see it here.. I mean people move into these houses because they have nothing. Govt doesn’t even help these ppl, some live cut down trees and build their own houses. I’ve never heard of this in Canada or the States or any other developed western nation

  2. Sorry to burst your bubble. This could be anywhere in Costa Rica, Mexico, Louisiana, Missouri or Florida as well. I happened to have been there, yes, the same place where this picture is from, except that I got off my boat, climbed up the muddy banks and had a wonderful time with the local folks, who happened to be “poor” (by your standards), but there was nothing poor, destitute or abandoned about them. We had a great asado, drank mate, and watched a soccer game on DirectTV.
    The ones that are decent, and have their harts in the right place have kids that go to school, they get government aid and social medicine, and want nothing to do with the life in Babylon (yes, the inner slums that are so popular with the social rats and roaches in every major city in the world).
    This picture is cool. I love it, and I can’t wait to be back in Argentina soon to enjoy some river monster fishing and eat the best asados in the world. Thank you for your post.

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