Belgium Pictures

Architecture in Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp in Belgium

This is the beginning of the famous shopping district in Antwerp, Belgium.  You can find some of the top stores around the world in Antwerp surprisingly enough, its a small city with very big intentions.

Scenes From The Flanders Festival in Ghent, Belgium

City of Ghent, Belgium

A great mix of culture & music, the Flanders Festival in Ghent is something to be witnessed.  I absolutely loved the people & there is something for everyone in Ghent, Belgium.  I find the country to be extremely underrated compared to its neighbors and the festival was nothing short of amazing. This shot below is a stage […]

Lunch In Ghent: Belgium

Ghent Belgium

Lunch in Ghent, Belgium, was nothing short of amazing. It was one of those picturesque pictures that they always show in Europe. This was actually during the Flanders Festival which is held throughout many cities in Belgium. This was the very beginning of my trip and the start of my official move to India from […]

Leuven Town Hall: Leuven, Belgium

Leuven Town Hall

The Leuven Town Hall is one of the most impressive buildings that I saw while on my trip to Belgium.  I’ll be sharing more how I was able to visit the country and the great Flanders festival.  I love architecture and I remember getting lost in the old city until I saw the Leuven Town […]