Blue Crab at Tayrona National Park-Colombia

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Walking into Tayrona National Park is not a matter that you should take lightly.  Most days here on the Colombian coast you will find that it feels well over 100 degrees with 100% humidity.  Many take their time but since I am a stubborn 27 years young I decided to charge my way through the park.  It also helps when you need to be somewhere an hour after your supposed to get back from walking.

Before you reach Cabo which is the one of the most popular sections of the park, you will walk through a sea of crabs, lizards, and palm trees.  I have never heard of or seen a blue crab before but they are actually pretty neat.  I had the opportunity to try and take a picture of teh blue crab with a green lizard sitting right next to it but after walking 1.5 hours in the sun in what was a reported 108 degrees, you just aren’t as quick on your toes as you should be.

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