Bull Fighting Ring in Uruguay

Bull fighting ring, Uruguay, Bull Fighting Ring

What you are seeing is the interior of an abandoned bull fighting ring in Uruguay.  The Plaza de Toros Real de San Carlos is currently blocked off because the building is crumbling.  How often do tourist obey do not enter signs?  I’m an avid fan of architecture and as you can see above at the right angle you can get impressive shots when you adjust for the sunlight.  Some of you that have been following my site know that I like to bend the rules like when I climbed a Greek Theater.  Bull Fighting is extremely popular in Spain and as their empire grew they brought it to many cultures around Latin America.  It was introduced to Uruguay in 1776 but it was banned by the Uruguayan government in 1912.  Bull fighting is still very popular in Spain.  This actual bull fighting ring only hosted 8 fights before the ban was set in place.

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