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Parliament Hill in Colors: Ottawa, Canada

Parliament Hill Ottawa

Parliament Hill is dressed up in the summer with the Mosaika music and light show.  A large group of people come to the freshly manicured grounds of Canada’s capital to see the show.  The show was quite impressive and it was amazing to see the drastic differences between the building at night and during the […]

Princesses Floating In The Air: Montreal, Canada

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The Festival of Laughs in Montreal, Canada is one of the events during the vibrant Canadian summers.  I couldn’t miss visiting Montreal after so many people told me how unique it was.  I was pleasantly surprised with the Festival Of Laughs when I arrived and the dancing princesses were part of the show. Click here […]

She Made Me Do It: Ottawa, Canada

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Ottawa is a very unique place in Canada and the culture in the capital city of Canada is completely different to those in Canada and even Montreal.  The statue you see above was found walking around around the touristic area of the city near the parliament buildings.  If you look just on the top right […]

Ottawa Parliament Through My Eyes

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A bit of a different view of the Ottawa Parliament buildings, I absolutely loved the Gothic Revival architecture in the heart of the city and decided to explore the area a bit when I saw the picture above.  The interior of the building that you see above is absolutely incredible.  Even though Toronto resembles New […]


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The old streets of Montreal on full display ready to charm you like the streets of Paris.  Many of the streets where actually blocked off in the old town during my very first trip to the historic part of town.  I was able to meat a great group of travel bloggers for the first time […]

Sunset at the CN Tower: Toronto, Canada

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This picture was extremely hard to take since the CN Tower has glass windows that cause glares at this time of the day.  I took over 30 pictures because many of them have glares or even cables in the way, as the sun was going down the effect is magnified as the lights from the interior shine […]

Costumes At Caribana: Toronto, Canada

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The largest Caribbean festivals are held in Jamaica and on the island of Trinidad in Trinidad & Tobago.  Toronto is the host to the largest Caribbean festival outside of the Caribbean.  The name of the festival is Caribana and it also holds the title of being the largest festival in North America.  One of the unique […]

The Bright Avoidance At The Festival Of Laughs: Montreal, Canada

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My second day in Montreal left be in awe.  When you think of Canada and United States you really dont think of “culture”.  At least not the culture that you see in South America and Europe.  There are pockets in both countries that provide some culture but nothing like Quebec.  Montreal showed me a completely […]