Atacama Desert Pictures

Salt Flat at the Atacama Desert: Chile

Salt Flat in San Pedro De Atacama, Salt Flat

This salt flat at the Atacama Desert in Chile is found just an hour outside of San Pedro de Atacama.  One of the things that I always like to do is rent a car and start driving to see what I find, I was even able to drive in Chile across the Alto Plano in […]

Salar De Tara: Atacama Desert, Chile

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The Atacama Desert is such a unique place in the world.  To actually think that I didn’t know much about the desert until I started living in Chile is beyond me.  This picture is of the Salar de Tara (Tara Salt Flat) in the Atacama Desert.  The tour has to be done by 4×4 and […]

Valley Of The Moon: Atacama Desert, Chile


The Valley of the Moon in the Atacama Desert is the location of this picture.  During sunsets, many tour companies take tourists to climb the hills in the valley to watch the sunset.  The Valley of the Moon sunset is very unique in that the colors of the rocks change as the sun begins to […]

Looking Beyond The Valley: Atacama Desert, Chile

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Pictures in the Atacama Desert are absolutely breathtaking.  The Atacama Desert is one of the most unique ecosystems in the world.  This was on the Salar de Tara tour and the valley below is actually where we had lunch inbetween mountains of rock that were formed my ash from now extinct volcanoes. Click here for […]

Dancing With El Indio: Atacama Desert, Chile

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In the middle of this picture you can see three goofballs doing something silly, including that Wandering Trader fellow to the left.  In the back ground you will see “El Indio”, The Indian in English.  This is one of the pronounced rock formations that you will find the highest and driest desert in the world, […]

The Hand In The Desert – Atacama Desert, Chile

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The Hand in the Desert (mano del desierto) was created in the early 1980’s by a Chilean Sculpture named Mario Irarrázaal.  It is made out of iron and cement and sits in the middle of nowhere, the Atacama Desert (in Chile)  which is the driest desert in the world.  The sculpture was created to signify the […]


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This was on one of the tours that I took in the Atacama desert that I would highly recommend to anyone.  The roads are so rough that you are not able to go yourself and need to take a 4×4.  A max of 4 people are also allowed on the tour and they even feed […]