Chilling With The Fat Guy – Paramaribo, Suriname

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Im cool.. like the fat guy

How cool would it have been to know this guy?  He just oozes cool doesn’t he?  His name is Johan Adolf Pengel,  a Suriname (Dutch Guyana) born politician that gave back a great deal to his people.  I won’t tell you the list of achievements that he has, instead I will tell you the problems I had taking this picture.  Suriname is one of the three Guiana’s that is at the mouth of the Amazon rain forest.  This means that is hot, humid, and rainy!  Since I needed to see the city on a time limit I hired a taxi to take me around the city to see the major highlights, notice the overcast in the picture.  When I got out of the taxi the lens of my camera kept hazing over due to the temperature change.

Once I got the camera working properly I had to try and take the picture.  I didn’t have anyone around me to take it so I had to construct a magical rock tripod by temporarily snatching some rocks from the sidewalk where the body guards were standing in front of the Ministry of Finance. LOL.  Yes they were curious and asking questions but they wouldn’t take the picture.  So I ended up placing the camera on the floor with a 10 second timer and after 5 tries you can planely see that I have been eating way too many Arepa’s in Colombia.  Im off to the Galibi National Reserve tomorrow and then off to explore French Guiana.

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