Colombia Pictures

Meet The Switzerland of Colombia: Guatape

Switzerland of Colombia Guatape

Meet the Switzerland of Colombia.  Climbing the foothills of the city of Medellin, one arrives at this man made location in roughly two or three hours.  The large lagoon that you see above at one point in history did not exist.  The Colombian governments in the 1970’s decided to flood the region to create a […]

Fruit Cart in Chin China, Colombia

fruit cart in colombia

Chin China is a small town that we drove through in the coffee region and it was an extremely interesting place.  Not only was I able to catch an iguana that was the size of my leg, we were the talk of the square since we started interviewing everyone in the center square. After a […]

The Cumbia Dancer: Carnival in Colombia

Cumbia Dress

This young lady was kind enough to stare directly into my camera as she was walking in the parade for the Carnival in Colombia.  This was during the last day of the event.  Cumbia is a style of music in Colombia and it’s part of the country’s roots.  It is a very romantic dance between […]

Colorful Macaw Parrot: Armenia, Colombia


Welcome to Armenia, Colombia. This Macaw was the most curious and annoying parrot in the world. If you didn’t know I actually had privilege of having breakfast with him since he decided to follow me around by climbing up my chair and wreaking havoc on my now scarred shoulder. He was a lot of fun; […]

Campesino Gold Miner: Marmato, Colombia

Gold Miner

We did a two week trip through the coffee region in Colombia and we were able to visit the massive gold mines found in Marmato, Colombia.  The city was gritty and I found a picture that could describe Colombia perfectly (click here) at the entrance.  We found a tour guide that knew everyone in the city […]

Streets of Salento, Colombia

Salento, Salento colombia

I present to you the streets of Salento, Colombia.  One of the coolest places in Colombia, Salento is the heart of the coffee region and was once a major traffic zone.  This is also where you can find the Valley of Cocora where you can find the tallest palm trees in the world.  Salento is […]

Colombian Coffee Region: View From the Gold Mine

Colombian Coffee Region

This picture was taken in Marmato which is a gold mining town that you can find in the Colombian coffee region.  Very dirty and grimy the place is extremely interesting and filled with all types of characters.  You can find great stories and as all Colombian people, everyone that worked at the mind was very […]

Explaining Life in Colombia in One Picture


This picture was taken in the very small gold mining town of Marmato, Colombia.  I saw this and I found it extremely interesting because it describes what life is like in Colombia.  There is a range of people and every person tells their own story.  You find the young man on the left with his […]

The Cumbia Smoker: Carnival in Colombia

Carnival Colombia

Colombian women certainty have a way of doing things and smoking cigars apparently is one of them.  This was part of the cumbia section which is one of my favorites.  Cumbia is a typical Latin Dance where men and women dance together much like salsa with less turns.  She is dressed in a traditional attire as well […]