Meet The Switzerland of Colombia: Guatape

Switzerland of Colombia Guatape

Meet the Switzerland of Colombia.  Climbing the foothills of the city of Medellin, one arrives at this man made location in roughly two or three hours.  The large lagoon that you see above at one point in history did not exist.  The Colombian governments in the 1970’s decided to flood the region to create a hydroelectric dam.  An entire village was buried in the valley below the hills and now the region provides a significant portion of Colombia’s electricity.

If one looks closely you will see the green foliage on the protruding hills and a small brown section just above the water.  The water levels at Guatape are normally much higher much they have started selling much more electricity to nearby countries and that has brought water levels lower than normal.  It is a very picturesque and charming place to visit. I call it the Switzerland of Colombia because lakes and surrounding hillsides.

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  1. Love the photo! I was just there last fall and loved exploring the lake and seeing Pablo Escobar’s old residences with the private tunnel.

  2. Stunning views, breathtaking…
    But it’s sad to hear they destroyed a village to create a dam. This has been done so many times over and over again in various parts of our World.
    But this destruction created a beautiful view!

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