Colombia Pictures

Door Knocker in Cartagena

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This is a picture of one of the many door knockers that the old city in Cartagena has to offer.  I really liked all of the different knockers that were on the doors.  Coming up I am going to share just a post on all the different door knockers that there were all throughout the […]

Andean Cock of the Rock in Cali Zoo-Colombia

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  The Andean Cock of the Rock is one of the coolest birds that I have seen.  Their natural habitat is in the forests of South America and this little guy happens to be the national bird of Peru.  This shot was taken at the Zoo in Cali Colombia in the bird canopy.  The Cali […]

Main Plaza In Cartagena – Plaza De La Aduana

Main Plaza In Cartagena - Plaza De La Aduana

The main plaza in Cartagena is the beginning of the old city for most tourists.  What you are seeing is the back drop of buildings in Plaza de la Aduana in Cartagena just near the famous clock tower.  Cartagena is one of the most romantic cities in South America.  It is already one of the most […]

My Favorite Piece At The Gold Museum: Bogota, Colombia

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This is one of my favorite museums so far in all of South America.  I usually am not a museum person but this place was really fascinating.  The last part they have a video where there are a handful of gold pieces on the wall and they do a presentation where they play with the […]

The Salt Flat Cathedral, Bogota

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The salt flat church in Bogota starts off very plainly and then gets quite impressive.  The actual church is a salt mine that was converted into a church, in other words a tourist trap.  Thats the first impression that you will get when you are walking down the main corridor.  Once you get into the […]

Sunset In Tayrona Natoinal Park: Colombia

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This isn’t your common picture of Tayrona National Park but a gorgeous picture none the less.  Directly off the Coast of Taganga, Colombia, this is one of the diving meccas of Colombia.  Im currently taking my PADI certification here in order to go diving in the Galapagos.  They also allowed me to take pictures under […]

The Pictures That Describes Medellin Perfectly

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This picture could not describe Medellin more perfectly.  You can see the city in the valley and the towering Andes mountains in the back drop.  I currently am living in Medellin, the city of eternal spring, during the rainy season.  Every day you can see the storm clouds coming in over the city.  This is […]

The Pimp Taxi: Medellin, Colombia

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Strolling through Barrio Colombia in Medellin and I ran into this bad boy.  I should have taken a picture of the owner because he was just as funny as this taxi.  Imagine this taxi in Medellin picking you up from the airport? LOL.  Enjoy: