Curious Chinstrap Penguin: Deception Bay, Antarctica

Chin Strap Penguin at Deception Bay

This picture was taken in Deception Bay Antarctica during my trip to the great white continent.  This curious guy was one of the penguins that decided to completely surround me while I was in Deception Bay (see pics here) which is where most cruise operators take people to swim in Antarctic waters. There are various locations in Antarctica where you can view the penguins and if you are very aware of them they will come up to you as some of them are used to people.  Puerto Madryn in Argentina, specifically the Punta Tombo penguin colony, is a much better place to interact with the penguins since they are used to being around people since they are born.  It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to find a cruise to Antarctica either.  If you can’t afford to make it there are other options like the poor man’s Antarctica in Argentina which include the cities of Calafate and Puerto Madryn.

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