Moai Statues At Easter Island

Moai Statues At Easter Island

These Moai statues at Easter island were taken at the beach of Anakena.  The statues are officially called Ahu Nau Nau.  Many Chileans and tourists drive to this end of the island to enjoy the beach. Obviously one could take pictures in both the evening and the morning with the sun either hitting the Moai statues directly or viewing them with a sunset. One of the things that may surprise you about Easter island is how small the island is. From one corner to the other it is roughly a drive of only 15 to 20 minutes. Everyone normally stays on the South West (bottom left) side of the island and the rest is barren with no hotels.

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  1. My husband and I am heading to South America and would love to go to Easter island. We have looked into flights and it is sooooo expensive. Do you know if any cheaper ways to get there? We love your info on Antarctica. We are looking to go end of feb on a last min cruise. This is the reason we may not have much $ left. ; ). Thanks. Nicola.

    1. There is only one airline that offers flights from Santiago and Lima. The only thing to do would be to check during the low seasons and different dates. There are really no other options for Easter Island

  2. It’s a remote island. It must feel weird out there… it’s so far away from the nearest inhabited areas.
    Those pukao “hats” are funny 🙂 I wonder what the builders thought, why they created them… how they installed them is an other question!

  3. Wow..this Island is so unique! I would love to visit Easter Island and Galapagos so much, but it is so expensive to fly there from Europe ;( Thanks for sharing beautiful pictures of your travels so we can enjoy it at least online 😉

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