Faces Of Madagascar: The Beauty Queen

women in Madagascar

Oh no she didn’t! She just had to walk around with that stuff on her face.  In Madagascar, exclusively on the countryside and outside of major cities, you will find many women wearing mask on their face as they walk around and complete their daily tasks.  This mask can be equated to the mud masks that a lot of women wear in the west.  Its made out of all natural ingredients and they place the mask on their face to keep their faces looking young and healthy.  I was able to take this picture in the small town of Andavadoaka which is situated in the southwest region of the country.

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  1. This is along the same lines as the Koreans who walk along the streets dressed in their hospital gowns pulling their drip along. Very strange to see

  2. Love this photo and loving your Madagascar posts. I get enough stick from my bf and family if I ever use a face mask, so I don’t think I’d dare go outside wearing one.

    Jimmy – I totally agree with you about the hospital patients roaming the streets in their hospital gowns in Korea, on a drip – and very often smoking a cigarette!

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