Food In Ethiopia: Tibs!

food in Ethiopia

Of all the food that I found in Eastern Africa, Ethiopia had some of the best food to try, Not to mention it was also the cheapest. I could easily eat in Ethiopia for under four dollars a day. Not only did I have the best coffee in the world, but also had a unique combination of meats and other fine delicacies. What you see above is Tibs, which is essentially beef diced into small pieces served in a fancy Ethiopian cast iron mini barbecue pit.  On the right you can find the famous bread that is found in Ethiopia which is called Injera which you can spice up with a bit of lime.  Would definitely recommend you trying some Tibs when you go to Ethiopia.

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  1. Ethiopian food is amazing. As we all are knowledge seekers, the bread is not called and.jars, rather it is called injera. Have you tried kitfo, or the Ethiopian variation of tare tare, or raw meat. Interesting story behind kitfo. Warriors in ancient times ate the meat raw because cooking would create smoke and light, which gives away your location. Ethiopian warriors also grew their hair out, bc they couldn’t cut it during war. But what is interesting is the warriors braided their hair so that too won’t disclose their location. Bet you didn’t know this, many constellations are named after Ethiopian kings and queens like Andromeda and Cassiopeia, one can infer they helped pioneer astronomy

    1. That was my speech recognition software that failed! LOL.. just updated it.. I love Injera!! I really didn’t know that about the constellations Bruke.. very interesting!

  2. I have never tried Ethiopian food. Every time I see an Ethiopian restaurants makes me want to wander in but usually I’m with someone and nobody wants I know likes to adventure with food.

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