Fruit Cart in Chin China, Colombia

fruit cart in colombia

Chin China is a small town that we drove through in the coffee region and it was an extremely interesting place.  Not only was I able to catch an iguana that was the size of my leg, we were the talk of the square since we started interviewing everyone in the center square. After a hard days work we walked over to the food ever popular food cart at the corner and got some snacks for the road.  There is truly nothing like Colombia.

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    1. It is good food buts not out of this world… the most unique thing would be Arepas but unlike Venezuela they eat it like a cracker and place the cheese or anything else on top. Love Colombia!

  1. The pictures are looking like some artist’s work. It is evident that you are professional photographer and you know how to seize the moments forever.
    Looking at the fruit cart it looks almost as if you were in India shopping somewhere in my own suburb.

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