Watching The Superbowl Galapagos Style

Land Iguanas In Galapagos

Was the Superbowl really that weekend? I just couldn’t go to the Galapagos and miss the biggest sporting event televised across the United States could I?  Sarcasm ends here.  The land iguanas found all over the island aren’t afraid of people at all.  We were walking around the island of Baltra to see the land iguanas during mating season.  It was amazing to be able to see them just lay on the rocks and watch us walk by.  Big thanks to Quasarex for inviting us for an entire cruise to the Galapagos.

Me and this guy above were missing the Superbowl as we watched the dolphins swimming with the waves on the beach.

The land iguanas were one of the only species that were a bit hesitant with the humans. This is because there is an active program to try and recover the land iguana population on the island. There was a point where there wasn’t any more land iguanas on the island.  The land iguanas are often tricked by park rangers to be able to tag them and keep track of the population to ensure that the population is stable and continuing to grow.

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    1. Angela you have a very big distorted view of what is happening here.
      1. It is about 10 feet
      2. Your not supposed to run away from the animals and scare them if they come up to you.

  1. this photo is really awesome, when i was there i just made some photos from the boat. now you make me feel like a great fool, but well, i could return, its not so far from where i live 😉

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