Those Popular Blue Domes in Santorini, Greece

Popular Blue Domes Santorini

Popular Blue Domes Santorini

Those blue domes in Santorini, Greece.  After renting a 4X4 the morning once arriving in Santorini that became the first mission. Luckily, I woke up at 4pm just before the sunset later that day. It costs 25 Euros to rent the 4×4 per day and I obviously denied the helmet because I wanted to feel the breeze in my silky long hair. Located in the town of Oia (pronounced EE-AH) this is the epic picture I was after before arriving in Greece. What is ironic is that I found it by chance. I was looking for a place to eat with a view of the sea and just as I sat down I saw an army of pictures being taken in my direction. After telling the waiter I would be right back I found the exact spot where everyone takes those iconic pictures of the blue domes in Santorini.

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  1. Those blue and the very beautiful sunset give this photo a very dramatic feel.. but I think it would totally be more dramatic if you tone it down a little more.. like pitch black-ish kind of sunset. But this is really lovely.

  2. I can say that this is a perfect shot. You can see the beauty of the land and the water… and of course, those striking blue domes. What a great place to visit.

  3. What a great picture. I see you wore a shirt to match the color of the domes. I enjoyed your post and I think the four wheel drive transportation is a smart tip. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Santorini is truly beautiful. It’s not just a place for couples on honeymoon; I remember staying there with my friends, and we had a perfect time watching the sunset over some champagne. We shared a Roomorama apartment (it was really cool, a windmill villa) and it had a nice pool that we chilled in. We had a great view of the iconic domes, and travelled out to visit places like the Red Beach. Would give anything to head back there again x

  5. You’re my go-to travel blog from now on! I am traveling to Rio in February and then to Egypt, Morocco, Amalfi Coast and Santorini in April- super stoked. Do you remember the name of the restaurant where you took this fab photo?

    thanks Marcelo!

  6. awesome photo ! do you remember how to reach that spot ?
    i am planning to visit santorini next week but I only have 1 day to explore both Oia and Fira so any tips and guides on how to find great location to take photos like yours will be much appreciated

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