Guyana Pictures

Macaw Parrots from the Amazon-Guyana

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These three Macaw Parrots were found in the zoo in Georgetown, Guyana.  I find that when you feed the animals against the signs that say “please do not feed the animals” you get the best response.  I didn’t give them my skittles or my grape Fanta that would harm them, I simply threw in a […]

Iconic St. Georges Cathedral: Georgetown, Guyana

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This picture was actually taken from the tiny airplane that I took to the Kaieteur Falls.  When you take the plane to the falls they always fly around the both the city as well as the falls in the air so you can take excellent areal pictures.  The St. George’s Cathedral is one of the iconic things […]

The Fruit Cart in Georgetown, Guyana

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Being that Guyana is the gateway to the Amazon there is an abundance of fruit everywhere.  This is where the hotel I was staying at bought there fruit every morning.  There are delicious fruit drinks that you can try from all kinds of fruits including passion fruit, papaya, and pineapple (my favorite).  There are a […]

Kaieteur Falls, Guyana

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This Kaieteur Falls picture could easily be considered one of the best pictures I have taken, not only in Guyana, but of all time.  Tourism in Guyana isn’t very developed so in order to get to the falls you have to take a plane into the jungle, or bush as they say in the country.  You […]