How We Begin Our Day In Singapore

Camera 360

The rooftop pool in Singapore holds some exceptional views anytime of the day. What you are seeing above is the sunset overlooking the financial district of Marina Bay.  This is actually how we end our day in Singapore rather than how we being our day (this is a sunset).  In the vicinity the popular ferris wheel as wheel as the popular gardens that everyone has seen.  The pool area is extremely busy even at sunrise.  The pictures here are incredible and one can see the entire Singapore skyline on a clear day!  This is the same view that one can have during breakfast as well.

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  1. Singapore is a awesome city and a great place to start and Asian holiday experience. Marina Bay Sands Shopping complex is a treasure-trove of places to buy those trinkets to secure into your luggage. Elena and I loved this place. Thanks for sharing this picture.

  2. amazing view from MBS hotel! As a local i’ve always wanted to stay a night but the cost is a huge barrier… Great blog about travel and wonderful post of Singapore…

  3. I lived in Singapore for a year and a half and this was how I spent my very last night in Singapore — managed to sneak to the pool thanks to a friend at the hotel and watched the sunset fall over the city with some champagne!

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