Icebergs Falling At Perito Moreno Glacier: Calafate, Argentina

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Incredible sight to see

What you are looking at is the Front Right side of the Perito Moreno Glacier.  This is one of the only stable Glaciers in the world that are not receding and it is quite a site to see.  When you first arrive you are able to see the front side of the Glacier from walkways that are built on the mountain in front of it.  You can also take a cruise that will take you along the largest lake in Argentina and also take you to see all of the glaciers.

You can check out more pictures from Calafate by clicking here.


  1. Awesome photo!!! We loved coming here and felt like we could watch the glacier all day. We found a nice quiet spot where there were no others and just marveled at her beauty. Awesome that you captured the falling pieces, that must have made quite a splash and sound!!!

    1. I cant describe how amazing it was!! If I had to choose to go back i would def head back to Calafate but I would fly into Puerto Natales and then drive to Calafate. Flights in Argentina are chaotic

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