Im Walking Cheetahs For A Living (Literally)

petting cheetah, petting a cheetah

My walk with the Cheetahs

That’s right, I’m changing my job because this was such an amazing experience.  Being able to walk with a group of cheetahs was very special to me because cheetah’s have always been my favorite animals growing up, when I played soccer I was always the fastest person on the field and many people nicknamed me cheetah because I was able to run so fast.  Being able to get up close and personal with not one cheetah, but four?  Absolutely Priceless Experience.  They are very docile and pur about 15 times louder than regular cats.  I was very intimidated when I was walking the lions but the cheetahs were very docile and didn’t weigh 700 pounds.  Where was this you ask? With Mukuni Big 5 safaris at the Victoria Falls in Zambia, Africa.

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