Veggie Shopping in Goa, India

Veggie Shopping in Goa, India

India is one of those places that you understand or you don’t. A fan on the WanderingTrader Facebook page set one day “there are two types of travelers, those who go to India and those who don’t”.  Things are done in such a unique fashion in the country and shopping is no different. There are centers in each city and town where people set up shop outside in front of stores and sell their vegetables.  In the United States we pay extra for organic vegetables and here in India that is just a normal way of life.

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  1. A truly vibrant assortment of vegetables, India really is a country you either hate or love but that said I don’t think people give it enough of a chance. It’s a huge country full of diverse regions which vary so much and all offer something new and unique.

  2. In India, not only you’ll find vegetable stalls in every corner (sometimes even at night) there’s also some “vegetable wallas” that come home, door to door, to sell. They set up a mini shop on the floor for you to see what’s available, you choose your stuff, and then they pack again and head on to the next house. Talk about convenience!! 😀

  3. These aren’t really organic vegetables. They are grown on farm all right and don’t come packaged. They do have pesticides, steroids and all things that make them juicier, bigger, better.
    You can also haggle with the vendors while buying. Discounts range from anything between Rs 1 to Rs 10.

  4. Yes, Indians do a lot of things uniquely. As you mentioned there is no system for all these and things have become way of life. Vegetable vendor sell on carts that they pull along on the streets…. most of the times they fresh and are 3-4x cheaper than super-markets.

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