Sunny Day At Ipanema Beach: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Ipanema Beach

The sunny days at Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro never disappoint. The glory days when everyone continuously went to Copacabana Beach are officially over, Ipanema Beach is now king in Rio de Janeiro. Any time anyone is talking about going to the beach, whether it’s a tourist or a local, they are usually talking about Ipanema Beach. Since I’m living here during the winter months we don’t have as many sunny days as you would find in the summer but you can always enjoy the scenery, wink, without any annoying tourists.  Ipanema Beach is now the new norm and if you’re planning to visit Rio de Janeiro I would highly recommend against trying to stay in the Copacabana area. There is even a favela (ghetto) very close to a section in Copacabana and the hustlers are rampant as well.

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