Ipanema Beach: Rio De Janeiro

Copacabana Beach Rio De Janeiro

Nothing says Rio De Janeiro like Ipanema beach!  I always follow the locals in any city that I travel to and when I heard that Copacabana is the last place I want to be when it comes to beaches I was surely surprised.  The beaches of Copacabana have turned dirty and filled with souvenir hustlers.  Part of the neighborhood also happens to sit in front of a favela, we all know how fun those can be!  I’ll be talking a little more about where you do want to go in Rio soon, in the meantime I couldn’t help posting a picture of the Ipanema beach.

I was very surprised that I didn’t read anything to the effect that Copacabana has gotten, well, old.  I would still recommend that everyone take a stroll through the beach to get a feel of what it would have been in the past.  On the bright side, since there are so many tourist hustlers on the beach everyone is able to find some of the most interesting sand masterpieces.  Anything for a dollar!

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