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Pictures of Israel and Israel Photos so you can see the country from a different light

Eagle At The Bahai Temple: Haifa, Israel

Bahai Temple Haifa

The Baha’i Temple in Haifa, Israel is an amazing sight to see. The gardens that spread across the mountain side are incredibly gorgeous and you can find unique sites like the one above. I honestly didn’t know anything about the Baha’i faith until I arrived in Israel, I learned both about this unique religion that […]

The Dead Sea Mud: Israel

mud dead sea, mud at the dead sea, mud bath at the dead sea

The mud bath at the Dead Sea in Israel was something I was not leaving without.  If you ask the entire Once In  Lifetime Crew I was the last person on the bus because I had to walk the entire coast and search for the mud so I could see what kind of magical properties it […]

Nubian Sanstone in Israel: Amram Pillars

nubian sandstone, amram pillars, pillars israel

Just outside the foothills of Eilat, Israel, there is a magical desert waiting to be explored.  You can actually go from beach front property into a protected area where you can’t hear a sound for miles.  The Pillars that you see are called the Amram Pillars and they are made out of Nubian Sandstone.  The […]

Security Fence Israel is Building

israel security fence, israel wall, israel buidling wall

This is what everyone in the world has beef with.  It was very powerful when we got a view of this wall simply because it means so many things to so many people.  It’s the center of one of the biggest conflicts right now in the news.  It was very interesting on my 13 day […]

Gorgeous Coast in Eilat, Israel

eilat, coast in eilat, beaches of eilat,

We found this coast on a side trip while driving to the sushi restaurant that we were eating at.  One of our Israeli friends (Ori) from the Once In A Lifetime Crew was driving us to the restaurant since I decided to break my toe on the boat the same day.  I told them I […]

Taxi Traffic Jam: Israel

Taxis in Israel, israel taxis, taxi in israel

I only took this picture because I wanted a shot of the taxi sign which is a unique.  I plan on doing a post of taxis from my travels around the world and this was going to be the picture for Israel.  It turned out to be a great picture because of the traffic jam […]

Floating In The Dead Sea: Israel

Floating In The Dead Sea: Israel

When the Once In A Lifetime Crew first contacted me about the blogger trip to Israel I immediately thought of the dead sea.  You actually float in the water without even trying and getting into the water was so surreal.  The second I thought about the things to do in Israel the first thought that came […]

The Shak Shuka Flame: Jaffa, Israel

shak shuka israel, shakshuka israel

After we explored Tel Aviv, Israel, they took us to try a popular Israeli dish called Shak Shuka.  The 13 day trip to Israel would have never been the same if we didn’t get to try some typical dishes.  Just outside the city of Tel Aviv you can find a very historic city called Jaffa […]

The Western Wall: Jerusalem

The Western Wall Jerusalem, western wall, the western wall

Seeing the western wall for the first time makes you feel a bit funny.  This is the holiest place on Earth for Christians and Jews and in just a 5 minute walk you will find the third holiest place for Muslims.  There are constant excavations going on roughly 20 feet underneath the floor that you […]

The Kibbutz Sunset: Israel

Sunset in Israel, kibbutz sunset israel

We were able to spend a full day in a Kibbutz while on my trip to Israel.  They took us to a typical Kibbutz where we were able to join the members for typical Saturday night meal.  If you didn’t know Saturdays for Jews is a day of rest called Shabbas (pronounced Shabbat).  During Shabbas, everyone eats at […]