Jaswant Thada Memorial: Jodhpur, India

Jaswant Thada Memorial & Mausoleum in Jodhpur India

Jaswant Thada Memorial is nothing short of impressive.  As tourists take the short ride up to the mountain to visit one of the largest forts in India, the Mehrangarh Fortthe structure rises into one’s vision.  It would be built in 1899 and an additional 3 cenotaphs would be constructed on the property which you see on the right.

The interior is just as impressive with the fine intricate details of the white marble shining in the sunlight.  One of the fascinating facts about many of the palaces & structures like these found in Rajasthan is the actual time when they were built.  One will find that many of these impressive structures are less than 100 years old (the Jaswant Thada being roughly 114).

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