La Moneda: Presidential Palace in Santiago, Chile

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La Moneda – The Presidential Palace in Santiago, Chile

La Moneda is name of the presidential palace in Chile which you see above.  One thing that I found unique about this place is the fact that you don’t see any huge fences and blockades around the complex like you would in Colombia or even the United States.  The only security is standing in the entrance in the front and also all around the building.  As you try to get close the security will nicely tell you to step away.  When I recently traveling to the Colombia presidential palace in Bogota there were closed off fences and a strapping young man with an AK-47.  You were NOT even allowed to get close to the fence.  Tells you a little bit about the Chilean people doesn’t it?

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    1. I was there in 1996. I wanted to get inside the outer wall. There was a military man with an AK-47 looking rifle. As I approached he slowly swung the gun in my direction, saying No passe, no passe!
      I stopped and he did crack a smile.
      I just thought it would be cool to get inside the outer wall.

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