Local Transportation in Nairobi, Kenya-The Matatu

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What you are seeing is the stylish interior of a local transportation bus van in Nairobi, Kenya.  They call it a Matatu and you should watch your step when you exit because if it isn’t an official “unofficial” Matatu stop the van literally doesn’t stop, until it reaches it’s final destination of course.  Notice also the stylish leather white seats that you can enjoy while you take a trip around the city or from the suburbs to the city.

One thing that I thought was the coolest thing in the world is the boom box sound system that’s blaring from the vans.  Not only will you soon find yourself jamming to the crazy beats of Dr. Dre and other Eastern Africa artists, but you will also feast your eyes on the massive 50 inch screen to watch the videos. The street DJ’s in Kenya actually mix video music dvds rather than just regular cds.  How is that for cool?  Some of the taxi drivers also have small flat screen televisions as well.

Really could get used to the this place.

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