Macaw Parrots from the Amazon-Guyana

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These three Macaw Parrots were found in the zoo in Georgetown, Guyana.  I find that when you feed the animals against the signs that say “please do not feed the animals” you get the best response.  I didn’t give them my skittles or my grape Fanta that would harm them, I simply threw in a few things that I could grab off a nearby tree which you see Julio on the left here trying to eat.

They were really curious especially since I had my camera almost all the way inside the fence.  The didn’t try to eat my camera like the Tucan in Suriname but they gave us a good show.  If you are ever in Guyana I would highly recommend that you not visit the Zoo.  Many of the animals are unhappy there and you are better off going to a completely unrestricted zoo like the one at the Galibi Nature Reserve in Suriname.

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