People of Madgascar

Faces Of Madagascar: The Beauty Queen

women in Madagascar

Oh no she didn’t! She just had to walk around with that stuff on her face.  In Madagascar, exclusively on the countryside and outside of major cities, you will find many women wearing mask on their face as they walk around and complete their daily tasks.  This mask can be equated to the mud masks […]

Pousse-Pousse Drivers in Madagascar

Pousse Pousse driver in Madgascar

The Pousse Pousse drivers in Madagascar are a whole different breed of people.  These guys work extremely hard all day running around carrying people in their little carts similar to a tuk tuk (they call them pousse pousse in Madagascar).  If you notice in the picture above you will see that some of the pousse […]

Faces of Madagascar: The Fisherman

A fisherman in Madagascar, fisherman

The people of Madagascar are very different.  You will see how people of all walks of life have combined into one culture as you travel through different regions in Madagascar.  What you see above is a typical fisherman which is also be a canoe driver (seems like everyone is a fisherman in Madagascar).  They typically […]