Walking on Waterfalls: Roberto Barrio’s

Mexico waterfalls

If you’re looking for a waterfall wonderland all to yourself, then look no further than Cascadas de Roberto Barrios…

Hidden deep in the jungle of Palenque in Mexico, if you haven’t been told previously about the Cascadas de Roberto Barrio’s then you would never know they are there.. No tour guides, no signs, no info. The tiny town of Palenque in the state of Chiapas attracts tourists and travelers for the Mayan Ruin Sites and Agua Azul.

So the beautiful hidden gem of Roberto Barrio’s is often completely empty while all the other tourists crowd around Agua Azul.

Luckily, i’d been given the hot tip before arriving and quickly flagged down a Taxi to take my friends & I to the secret waterfalls. Upon arrival, we looked both ways: One narrow dirt road, a few basic, sparsely spread out homes and Mexican families sitting quietly, staring kindly from their front stoops. I hesitantly called out from the roadside:

“Ahhh, Amigo’s, ……Las Cascadas” ???

After Carlos cheerfully instructed us to wander through his backyard past the chickens, we finally found what we were looking for and more.

With the tropical wonderland all to ourselves; we climbed up, over, inside and slid down waterfalls big and small on a flattened 2L coke bottle that a local entrepreneur had skillfully crafted.

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