Mount Etna: Taormina, Sicily

Greek Theater at Taormina Sicily

Greek Theater at Taormina Sicily

This is one of the best views for Mount Etna, as you drive take some Sicily travel advice and avoid killer sheep.  Taormina is a very touristic town about 45 minutes to an hour away from Catania (there is a major international airport in Catania Sicily).  The city is also about half hour away from where they filmed one of the infamous movies about la mafia nostra: The Godfather.  The city is roughly half  hour NE of Taormina called Forza d’Agro.  Many of the cafe’s still have pictures of the infamous mafia nostra film that epitomized the phrase “capo di capi” (boss of all bosses in Italian).  One of the many interesting things to do in Sicily.


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