Mr. Sloth at Galibi Nature Reserve – Suriname

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He moves surprisingly slow

The Sloths can only be found in the rain forests of Central and South America and surprisingly they are very slow moving.  This picture was taken at the Galibi Nature Reserve right on the border of Suriname and French Guiana.  The place is extremely popular for tourists who want to see the massive sea turtles that home on the beaches of the nearby area.  Getting to Galibi is interesting to say the least, there are no roads leading to the village so you have to take a glorified canoe for roughly an hour before arriving.  The sea turtles are normally seen in French Guiana.

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    1. I plan on adding more information about Suriname but I do have a habit of saying that about ALL THE COUNTRIES that I have been too… lol. One of my favs in South America to be honest with you….

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