My Favorite Sea Turtle in French Guyana

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Look at his face!! Def my favorite

This is by far my favorite sea turtle of all the turtles I saw in French Guiana.  It was very hard to find them because people kept telling me the different times to see them.  I ended up renting a car from Cruella De Vil and starting hitting all of the beaches in the area.  The most popular beach where most people go to see the turtles is near the village of Awala-Yalmapo, the beach is called Plage de Hattes.  Green Peace is going to hate me as when I saw the turtles on my own I took plenty of pictures with flash and they don’t even want you to see the turtles by turning on a flash light.  This specific turtle was spotted traveling at the beach called Plages de Montjoly just outside of Cayenne, French Guyana.


  1. Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a photo of a sea turtle that even looked like that, I see why it’s your favorite. Sea turtles are such interesting creatures-great shot!

  2. Awesome. These are called the Leatherback Turtles and they also visit Malaysia to lay their eggs. I would love to see one up close and personal one day. I have only seen the baby Leatherbacks, the Hawksbill and Green Turtles here in Borneo.

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